Sigep Community

1. How important is to you to come back to do business in presence, face-to-face, live at the tradefair?
Maresto is the largest importer of professional equipment for the gastrobusiness in Ukraine. Personal acquaintance with the representatives of the producers, live meetings with permanent partners, as well as discussion of completely new cooperation offline are very important for us as we can see and participate personally in all the current and new initiatives of the industry. Nothing replaces live communication.

2. Did you "meet" new companies and discover interesting new products recently?
We use each opportunity to develop and offer the most innovative solutions to our clients. This year, Maresto's expert team got an excellent opportunity and will be able to see the products of world-class manufacturers, find new business partners among the best companies at the SIGEP 2022 exhibition.

3. How did your Sigep partecipation changed your Business life?Thanks to participation in the Sigep, our assortment portfolio is filled with high-quality Italian-made equipment, namely: heating, refrigeration, electromechanical and industrial equipment and machines. We can not only import the machines but also to support the development of the gastrobusiness in the country and be the trend makers for the industry.

4. How important are the "Made in Italy" and the Italian lifestyle to your business?
Maresto is the official importer of products from such well-known Italian manufacturers: Unox, Angelo Po, Cupone, Moretti Forni, Fimar, Forni Fiorini, Gami, Lavezzini, Minipan, Pavoni, Roboqbo, Sirman, etc. Maresto's clients choose equipment marked "Made in Italy" because they trust and are confident in the quality and reliability of the equipment of Italian manufacturers.