Sigep Community

1. How important is to you to come back doing business in presence at the expo?

We believe that all important contacts needs live meetings, feeling and seeing the final product and meet the relevant people. Meeting people and seeing their products creates a more user friendly connection to new innovations and products available. 

2. What do you expect from the 2022 edition of Sigep?
New innovations, new connections, ideas, and creative mindset. We are also interested of seeing what kind of equipment is available to help in continuously challenging hiring of professionals in food service business. If we can find solutions to make our operations more effective without compromising quality, then we get our expectations fulfilled.

3. How do you think Sigep could help your business?
This will be my first ever visit to this kind of Expo. I hope to create connections, see and taste new innovations and meet suppliers that may not be familiar to our current product range. 

4. How important is "Made in Italy" and the Italian lifestyle for your business?
When we are talking about desserts and ice cream and food in total, many people connect these with Italy. I believe that this kind of an Expo should be experienced in Italy. I believe that  Italian products and quality in this genre are important and they bring value to our company and to our quests.