Sigep Community

1. How important is to you to come back to do business in presence, face-to-face, live at the tradefair?
For a new and innovative company like IceCoBar, it is primordial to meet new ideas and new experiences face-to-face in a tradefair like SIGEP Rimini.
Moreover, having this possibility to come and visit physically our various suppliers in an only site and in only 3 days like in SIGEP Rimini is really grateful and we gain time.

2. Did you "meet" new companies and discover interesting new products recently?
Because of the COVID situation and restrictions we couldn’t met new companies recently but thanks to our suppliers, we always discover new products receiving samples and we keep visiting competitors to see what they recently made.

3. How did your Sigep partecipation changed your Business life?
In another hand, Sigep Rimini enables us to extend our business internationally meeting new suppliers all over the world and above all saving money in our raw materials and gaining benefits.

4. How important are the "Made in Italy" and the Italian lifestyle to your business?
We all know that as an IceCream Franchise, the Italian lifestyle is the quality argument for IceCream. For our clients, buying IceCream “Made in Italy" is securing the quality.
So visiting Sigep Rimini is obligated for all IceCream firms if we want to stay active in the market.