Sigep Community

1. How important is to you to come back to do business in presence, face-to-face, live at the tradefair?
We entered the ice cream business in 2001 opening a small artisan gelato shop in the Costa Brava in Spain.
From the beginning and almost all the years we attended Sigep to find new suppliers and to meet face to face with people from this business so during the last two years without the tradeshow we've been losing this close contact with many people.

2. How did your Sigep partecipation changed your Business life?
In Sigep you can realize how important is the Gelato business for many people, and there you can discover what is happening in this sector.

3. How important are the "Made in Italy" and the Italian lifestyle to your business?
We are a Spanish company, however as our shops brand indicate; Ferretti, we have always identified with the Italian nature of our products.
Here in Spain and also all over the world Italian lifestyle and products have good reputation and are associated with quality which is completely aligned with our philosophy