Sigep Community

1. How important is to you to come back to do business in presence, face-to-face, live at the tradefair?
I believe all food people are passionate in-real-life professionals. We thrive when we use our full range of senses and emotions, and I can't imagine another moment on an internet-based video call. It's time to live out loud and in-person again.

2. Did you "meet" new companies and discover interesting new products recently?
We stayed as safe as possible, but were very intentional to continue traveling and meeting to the degree the law permitted.

3. How did your Sigep partecipation changed your Business life?Sigep allows one not only to experience a more global array of businesses, products, and servives, but it allows us as Americans to think beyond our borders and more deeply engage with the global business community. It's a very well-run show, and is full of inspiration around every corner.

4. How important are the "Made in Italy" and the Italian lifestyle to your business?
Italian ingredients have a certain cachet, and in most cases are emblematic of both quality and a sort-of geographic romance. As it pertains to Gelato and Coffee, the cultural relevance is undeniably Italian.